Monday, December 12, 2016

Discovered "House of Lies" - Showtime

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I must begin reading blogs of CURRENT programs, I seem to be drawn to blogs identifying programs that are cancelled.

Thus, I found "House of Lies" which has been cancelled after five seasons.

Don Cheadle plays Marty Kaan, a successful management consultant, supported by Jeannie (Kristen Bell), Doug (Josh Lawson) and Clyed (Ben Schwartz).  Though a typical lighthearted drama, Cheadle, through occassional asides to the audience, illustrates the cut-throat and often vacuous world the characters inhabit.
Definitely an adult series, with strong language and occassional nudity, the series is compelling to watch and the characters, both co-workers and clients are interesting.

Marty's private life has a son, Roscoe (Donis Leonard Jr.) who is a mid-teen dealing with a modern, complex gender identity, an ex-wife, Monica (Dawn Oliveri) who is also a cut-throat management consultant at a rival firm and a live-in retired analyst father, Jeremian (Glynn Turman).  Marty's homelife provides a nice foil to his work and adds complexity to his character that might be missed if only the office-life was portrayed.

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