About Me

I've always been a reader.  I come from a large family (7 kids) and privacy was never easy to find.  I remember being 6 or 7 and sneaking behind the Christmas Tree, in the corner, reading Pinnochio and Treasure Island.  I remember the pride when I was able to finish the book(s?) in that week between Christmas and New Year.

I moved from Windsor to pursue graduate school in London, Ontario, where I eventually (and I mean eevveennttuuaallllly) completed a Ph.D. in 1999.  From there I worked a year or two in market research in Ottawa, Toronto and Edmonton.  While in Edmonton I managed to land a job with the Ministry of Education (called Alberta Education then Alberta Learning and then Alberta Education again, as it joined and split with the university/college ministry repeatedly like a very expensive and disruptive accordion).

I've recently moved, with my family, back to Southern Ontario, settling in to Chatham and working in Wallaceburg, Chatham and Windsor as jobs appear.  The commute, and travel with work, provides me with some time to listen to audiobooks on my Ipod, which increases the amount of material I "read" and constantly re-kindles my interest in reading.

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