Friday, August 10, 2012

Finished (E-Reader) - "50 Shades of Grey" - E.L. James

I would like to say I liked "50 shades of Grey" but that would not be true.

Very dull book, very poorly written.  Those that have read the book will recognize: "...down there", "...Oh, My", "...roll your eyes", " sex", "....sore", "...afraid you'll hurt me" as these phrases make up about 80% of the text in the book. the words between the phrases are not adding much value either.

Not really worth either reading, nor discussing much.

I doubt I'll read the next two "books" in the series, but I may go to the end of the third book and read if I find the words "oh no - I killed her" - at least then I'll know there aren't any more of these awful books "down there".

Sunday, August 5, 2012

"Readability" application for iPad

Readability ( is a wonderful app (remember, I'm new to the iPad).

What is allows you to do is surf the web and identify interesting articles.  Of course, you can simply read them, or you can use readability to mark them for future reading.  What Readability does is to re-format the article for reading, but keep the reference source URL, so you can jump back to the site, should any content not be carried forward.

Readability then syncs with your iPad, so you can access a targeted reading list at your convenience.  It also allows you to maintain an archive of articles (a boon to researchers or students - you can store articles to read while continuing a search - reference source maintained).