Why This Blog??

I'm writing this blog to explore the Web 2.0 world, at least a small section of it.

I've always loved reading and this blog will provide me a place to record some books, some read in the traditional way (paper), some read on an e-reader (Sony PRS-500, Sony PRS-505 and my new one Sony PRS-900 and now a Kindle DX) or listened to as an audiobook on an IPOD during work commutes.

In the past year or so, I've been quite active with the audiobooks and along with regular reading have actually covered a lot of material.

I'm not sure what to expect through this experience, but feel free to comment on the posts, recommend new material, agree/disagree with my comments.  I would suggest that if you delve into plot points to please preface the comments with a "Spoiler Alert" in case someone is currently or plans to read the same book.

I've added a few links (top 10 book lists, Oprah) and links to a few tools I've liked (Calibre).  I refer to a few tools for MP3 files on the "IPOD Audiobooks" page.

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