Saturday, May 26, 2012

Finished (Comic) - "The Twelve" - Marvel Comics

The Twelve is a story of minor super-heroes at the end of WWII, where everyone was jumping on the bandwagon of the takeover of Berlin.  The Twelve were twelve heroes who were dispatched to quell a pod of nazis, and were captured, and put into suspended animation, only to be uncovered in modern times during an excavation for a new building in Berlin.

The series goes through issues with waking up 3x Rip Van Winkle duration and coming to grips with changes in society, and the fact that most family has either died, or is much older than you are now (particularly children, who are now older than their parents).  There are also issues dealing with details of the history of many of the twelve, showing their secrets, origins and a little more of their character.

All in all, the 12 issues were entertaining and I'd recommend the read.  Not sure if there are other spin-off series out of this one or not, but it's worth looking for.